Posted on Sat 20th October 2012 9.21PM


After a few sleepless nights, I have the games particle effects system in and working!

This will be used to create steam, smoke, fire, explosions, dust and other volumetric phenomena.

The steam picks up lighting from the surrounding lights. (currently only one or two at the moment, so if you're eagle eyed you might see it pop ) I hope to extend this at a later date to create really nice atmospheric lighting.

I'll now be moving on to polishing up some character animation code. That will allow me to get some videos of the IMPs at work and perhaps even the colonists having a bumble about.

One last thing: I don't usually blog about press, due to them then covering my blogs and then causing some sort of infinite recursion loops. However, I recently did a really long interview with PCGamesN that has got a load of detail about the game in it. Give it a read and share it!


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