Daily Development Log 25.02.2015

Posted on Wed 25th February 2015 12.00AM


We've decided to start doing daily update logs so people can see what the team is up to and how the game is progressing. Our new hire Caroline has spent some time catching up with the team.

Today Simon has been working on bugs regarding the airlocks. The issues with colonists refusing to take off their surface suits in the airlock should now be solved. He's also been fixing the workshop table bugs caused by quick saving and loading often. This means the game should work better for those of you who like to save a lot.

Ruairi has been hard at work checking out the bugs that have been reported on the Steam and Maia forums. He's managed to recreate some of the bugs you have pointed out and has been working with Simon to fix these.

Leanne is currently finishing up the first set of handgun animations for the colonists. Colonists firing weapons and defending the base will be a big feature in 0.48. For today she's been polishing the animations created for the colonists drawing their weapons and firing them from a standing position. Things like adding small head tilts and subtly shifting body weight to give impact and life to the animations. Shes' also working on animations for having them patrol the base.

I'm new to the company this week. Apart from getting settled, I've been researching and collecting information on business law and ways to improve the company.

I've also been working on getting things ready for Rezzed. We currently have hundreds of glow sticks and wrist bands on their way to the office, so we can give them out to you at the event. Expect to see the team at Rezzed looking like they are ready to start a rave. We are also looking to get some new t-shirts printed so you know who we are.

Update 0.50 is fast approaching and so it's time to work on our strategy for promoting the game a little. Our first step is to start breathing some life back in to our social media accounts. We might even expand out to a few more.

I've been working on compiling a list of cool YouTubers we could contact to play the game on their channel. If you're a cool Streamer or Youtube content creator reading this and you're interested then contact us!

- Caroline


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