Daily Development Log 27.02.2015

Posted on Fri 27th February 2015 12.00AM


Time for another update!

Today, apart from being stuck on a bus for two hours, Simon has been working on releasing a build for Linux which should fix some AI related issues. He also fixed a bug for the 0.48 release, regarding the capsule landing sequence, which could cause empty landers and other strange bugs.

Ruairi has been doing his morning forum sweep. He then tracked down some in game bugs and preformed his daily smoke test. He's also been working on replicating a bug which makes colonists walk though walls. Spooky!

As mentioned yesturday, Leanne, has been very busy working on the new pistol animations. Here's a quick peek.

To prepare for her next animation task, she has been filming herself performing the action she is about to animate. This way she will be able to use it as reference material. We hand animate the characters in Maia as it allows for greater expression and precision over motion captured data.

Separate from writing these updates, I've been looking for ways we can start organising our tasks a bit better, writing risk assessments and sorting out online company profiles.

Are you enjoying these daily updates? We're considering doing some daily posts concentrating on one aspect of the development each day. For instance animation, programming or sound. Let us know what you think on the forum!



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