Lava simulation

Posted on Wed 15th August 2012 2.06PM


Here's a quick look at the first test of the fluid simulation the game will be using.

It isn't properly surfaced or shaded yet, but still gives an interesting insight into the terrifying awesomeness of the Lava.

The next step is building a surface so it can be properly lit and doesn't look as blobby. I then plan to multithread it to allow for 4x the detail and volume. Its likely I will add an extra system for large bodies of fluid, that will reduce the CPU load even more.

Using my custom lighting system I can attach lights to some of the particles to make the lava bleed it colours onto the surroundings. When the lighting system is complete, every lava particle will emit light.

I may have to balance the lens reflections too. They are a bit overpowering when something as bright as the lava pops up.

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Comment by Nele on Wed 15th August 2012 3. 14PM

Is looking very nice already! Can't wait to see the final result.


Comment by Wizarth on Wed 15th August 2012 3. 38PM

I've seen some fluid simulation methods that breaks the area up into large cells then only simulates the top ones, which seems fairly cost effective. However, your video didn't show how/how well it handles filled areas - do the blobs sleep if their delta over time is below a threshold, or something... Looking forward to seeing what you do.

PS: Can you please CSS the reCAPTCHA so the text isn't black on black background?


Comment by Simon Roth on Thu 16th August 2012 2. 53AM

Wizarth: Filled areas work, and run quite fast, although it wastes a lot of CPU.

I'll research into how I can do large standing bodies of fluid more efficiently soon.

Yeah I'll fix that CSS. I'd never commented on my own articles!



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