First Person Mode

Posted on Mon 3rd September 2012 12.46AM


I've spent a few hours tonight getting the first person mode in. In the game you will be able to posses IMP bots and use them to dig, build and fight in first person.

Be sure to check it out in HD, or you'll melt your eyes.

Although non essential at this stage and unlikely to be in the first alpha, I really wanted it prototyped, as it looks awesome. Definitely good trailer fodder.

Bonus points if you can spot the ZX Spectrum!

Come discuss it on the forums.

Development may be slowed for the next month, as I am currently deciding how to continue my doctorate. One of the potential outcomes of this is me taking Maia full time. I'll need to seek funding at that stage, either through pre-orders or kickstarter etc. Now that's a scary thought!


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Comment by Chris on Mon 3rd September 2012 9. 19AM

You have my axe!

Or, if that's more convenient when in need for funding, you have my dollars.
What I'm trying to say is, I'm really looking forward to this and can't wait to throw my money at you.


Comment by Adam on Tue 4th September 2012 8. 52AM

Why not give Kickstarter a try and see how much you can make. Going full time on this should be a no-brainer!

I have your website bookmarked and check back monthly to see when you will open pre-orders, I want to own a copy of this game so much.


Comment by Vladimir Lenin on Thu 20th September 2012 1. 07AM

Dear Simon, this is awesome, you are awesome and the game should be awesome.
Please, don't stop making this game. Something tells me that Maia will be something special.
Good luck! I am looking forward to play Maia.



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