Maia is a space colony game set on a distant, hostile, alien world

Establish an extra solar colony in the name of Great Britain

Deal with environmental hazards and dangerous indigenous life

Study the planet to develop mostly ethical future technology

Maia features meticulate simulation

Colonists are accurately simulated down to body temperatures, emotional states, respiration and perspiration rates, social preferences, metabolic speeds, fatigue levels, photosensitivity, and specific British social anxieties.

Every attribute affects their behaviour in the colony. A very tired colonist will become irritable and make poor choices. A very hungry colonist may die.

The scientically accurate detail pervades the simulation. Objects throughout the world interact and behave in realistic ways.

Plants grow when exposed to light, atmosphere diffuses from room to room, electronics fail when infiltrated by water, and equipment burns when it gets too hot. As do colonists.

Colonise a vibrant, lush, and dangerous planet

Conduct mining operations and store materials for habitat construction

Harness wind, solar, geothermal and perfectly safe nuclear energy to power base operations

Harvest moisture, grow crops and raise tasty* livestock to maintain the colony's dwindling rations

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